‘Smith’ insists Foxes defeat has nothing to do with attitude

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Leicester City manager Dean Smith insists he never questioned the attitude of his players. After recently losing 0-3 at home to Liverpool, which brought them closer and closer to relegation,

Leicester supporters booed the manager and players. along with shouting “You guys don’t deserve to wear this shirt” after seeing the team lose out of shape to Liverpool.

Leicester are now four games without a win in a row. They could be relegated next Monday if Everton beat Wolves or Leeds beat West Ham and then they lose Newcastle. The UFABET report

But Smith dismissed any suggestions that their latest loss was lacking the qualities supporters felt it did. He said: “We’re all supporters in here. We all support football clubs and you want to see your football club winning.

Thor doesn’t think the latest loss is due to lack of enough effort. he said “We are all supporters. We all support the club. And you want to see your club win.

“We lost tonight to a team that used more energy and runs than us when they were two goals ahead. They are a strong team with very good players. I have no doubts about our dedication today. “

I don’t doubt our attitude either. And I understand if you lose 3-0 at home and you’re fighting for relegation, I can understand why the fans react that way.