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Avocado highly nutritious fruit many health benefits

Avocado is a highly nutritious fruit that has many health benefits High in fat, but these fats are healthy fats. The fat in avocado is monounsaturated fat, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease. Avocado a good source of several vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C,

10 ways to take good care of your eyesight

Our eyes are an organ that should be given great importance. Especially office syndrome people like us who have to sit and stare at a computer for a long time until our eyes hurt. We feel dazzled, blurred, and can’t see clearly. This is a

Benefits of tomatoes

Tomatoes are a type of fruit that are in the same family as eggplants. They have different colors, sizes, and characteristics according to each species.  Good for skin health. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C. Which may help in maintaining better skin health. From research published in the journal Nutrients in 2017

Know how to prevent heat stroke or heatstroke.

  In our daily life, we inevitably encounter sunlight. Especially in very hot weather It will affect the condition of the body. It causes a risk of heatstroke or heatstroke, so the most important thing is to take care of and protect your body. If you

What is heatstroke and what are the causes or risk factors?

What is heatstroke and what are the causes or risk factors? Today ยูฟ่าเบท will take everyone to get to know about heat stroke, also known as sunstroke. It is a disease related to Severe heat stroke. Where the body temperature rises to dangerous levels, is

vitamins Blood vessel cleanliness Intravenous Rejuvenation

vitamins Blood vessel cleanliness Intravenous Rejuvenation. Cleansing blood vessels is a medical treatment. Related to the administration of fluids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. directly into the bloodstream. This delivery method Through the digestive system, it can absorb nutrients. necessary faster and more efficiently In the past few years Restoring youthfulness this

De Laurentis claims Osimhen is close to new contract.

Aurelio de Laurentiis, President of Napoli Told the media that striker Victor Osimhen is close to renewing his contract with the football club. The Nigeria international star is the heart of the Naples side’s attacking line. Since moving to the team in 2020, especially in the 2022/23