Jurgen Klopp urges Liverpool to play more free-kick formulas

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp advises his players to use more free-kick formulas After they have closed the door of the box from playing like this. Helping to win Leicester City 3-0,

“Reds” got the last goal in the 71st minute from a free kick, Mo Salah changed the spot. Alexander-Arnold smashed past Daniel Iversen’s hand into the corner of the net. “I think

Klopp will take credit for the goal,” Alexander-R said. Noold Revealed after the game,

“Klopp talked to tell us to try again. It’s been a long time since we used this tactic, I think we gave Iversen a surprise and scored a goal with a good performance,” he said in an interview after the match at the King Power

Stadium. Pops on their free kicks

“That was our best free-kick moment. We should have scored three goals like this.”

“Now we can choose to shoot directly. Or change the point left and right, we have to play more rhythms like this. “The first and second goals from

Curtis Jones were great and we should have scored immediately after that

. I really liked what I saw after that. It’s an almost perfect game. But between the 55th and 75th minute we were quite open to the opponent too much ′

′ We made a lot of changes within the team. And now we just have to play at a different pace

. Both Newcastle and Manchester United. the UFABET report

. I think they would want us to lose tonight. Because if it were me, I would think so,” Klopp added.

“I think our competitors shouldn’t miss out. but if so We must be ready to compete. Because otherwise it would be a very disappointing ′′

Now we definitely went to play European football, which 6-7 weeks ago I didn’t think it would even happen. Because we didn’t show the same consistency as we do right now.”