Online eSports game with 5 precautions if you play too much.

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Online games, esports in this era, do not need to find any words to mention the popularity of this activity. Because it’s not a leisure activity or just a trend that has been popular for a while. But it has become a career. Nowadays, there are many different games called esports tournaments. There are from the local level, national level up to the international level. World Championship already The popular games come in many forms, such as UFABET , which is a FPS Battle Royale game or ROV, a fortress game is already an international game. As the game is part of the life of the new generation like us, some people can’t divide the time properly. So today we want to talk about caution if you play it. Spending too much time on it, what harm will it have on us?

5 Precautions If You Play Too Many Online Esports Games

It might make you out of control. from being too addicted to it

The lack of self-control here means that we don’t know when to play, when to quit, for a day in our heads, but to play and play all the time. until it becomes a problem in everyday life. The life schedule that I used to live was normally distorted. This problem makes some countries Even having to enact laws to control the gamer’s play ever. The best way we should divide the game time appropriately. Don’t let it affect your daily life. would be the best

matter of mental health

Playing games, many people may see it as an activity that is played to relax and relieve stress, but in fact, many people play games. The more they play, the more stressful they are. The more you lose, the hotter your head. Gamers in particular who like to play multiplayer games are facing this problem a lot. The way we recommend you to switch to playing single player, sometimes play alone, keep calm, it will be better to unwind. Plus it rarely loses mental health as well.

Affecting money, gold, overspending

This problem is as dangerous as mental and physical health. It is seen that it is a matter of spending more than necessary. Which happens very easily with modern games these days. especially with all mobile games. that often have good promotions to tempt game fans on a regular basis Or even PC and Console games that are often discounted so much that we have to pay to buy and keep but do not play. Therefore, gamers should control their spending accordingly. Not adding games or buying games. You can’t, but you should pay to match your income. without having to come into trouble later, it would be better

Cyber ​​Threats

can’t deny that One of the most dangerous things in this era is the dangers in the online world that come in almost every way. for the crooks whether spam Sending strange links trick people into clicking and then taking passwords and usernames. Or come in the form of various propaganda and don’t think the video game world doesn’t have it. Because many people have been tricked into taking Steam Keys by clicking on strange links many times. Or even a mistake with the game camp until the user’s information is leaked, it can be seen as well. It can be difficult to control, but at least we should be more aware of the dangers in the online world. for our own safety


Cyberbullying This is one of the main problems of all online media and video games. Online games always come with this problem. Whether it’s Toxic Chat, Voice Chat or even Community these days, it has become a source. Cyberbullying not less as well In the game, not to mention at all. Some games hardly welcome new players at all. and for those whose minds are not strong enough These things can also be considered dangerous and affect your mental state as well. and no matter how much the campaign against each other but not to cause Cyberbullying within the game It’s almost impossible. Therefore, players have to be careful and protect themselves from such things as it seems the easiest.

And here are 5 precautions if you are part of the world of online esports games  if you don’t want to lose. must be aware of these terrible dangers control yourself play appropriately divide the time into then playing online games It will definitely give more benefits than harm.