ETH puts “Rashford”, the main spear-“Ronaldo” to make friends with ghosts pressure

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The UFABET report that Manchester United have placed Marcus Rashford as their main forward. And revealed that his teammates felt pressure when Cristiano Ronaldo came on the field

, Rashford had to face hard times last season. Under the team of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralph Rangnick. But he was given the opportunity to play continuously during the era of Erik ten

Hag. The great blood footballer has scored 3 goals with 2 assists from 6 Premier League games this season Which is still only one goal less than he did last season.

Most recently, the famous tabloid reported that Ten Hag views Rashford as the team’s number one striker and believes the 24-year-old can go global.

“The manager wants Marcus to be United’s No. 1 striker and a leader in the front. He believes Marcus has the ability to become a top player in the world. And I want him to show his footsteps in the game,” a source told them.

“He always tells me to use his speed and skill when he gets the chance, and he tells Marcus it’s easy to score 20 goals this season. They have a great relationship and Marcus is very happy.”

A source said after the 3-1 win over Arsenal: “Ten Hag told them, ‘This is United, where. Indeed, we should be at the top of the table, not Arsenal

. And if there’s a bad moment They still believe they can come back.”

The source also revealed that his team-mates felt pressure when Ronaldo was on the pitch.

“As long as Ronaldo starts the game on the bench, The players have the confidence to perform,” the source added.

“The whole team felt pressure when Ronaldo came on. All the players were delighted when Ronaldo came back, but they were disappointed when the player missed pre-season.

” Not up to date and relying on instincts which doesn’t work in Ten Hag’s system.”