Newcastle beat Manchester United 1-0.

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Newcastle beat Manchester United 1-0 thanks to Anthony Gordon’s winning goal. At St. James Park, it is a Premier League battle between the Magpies and the Red Devils. 

The Magpies fans made loud noises. But the first opportunity to report was for the visiting team. Bruno Fernandes stabbed Alejandro Carnacho. Who shot with his left and caught the foot of Nick Pope. 

Then, in the 17th minute, Newcastle almost missed out on Choelin. When he slipped in from the right and slammed it inside. Miguel Almirón, a Paraguayan national team player. Shot it wide of the far post. This time, Andre Onana didn’t make a mistake and fell down to make a save UFABET

In the 19th minute, the Magpies missed a golden opportunity. Miguel Almiron cut from the right. Aaron Wan-Bissaka couldn’t block it. Alexander Isak shot wide. But it was blocked by Harry Mack. Guair

Continuously during the corner kick Alexander Esak flicked the ball back for Jamaal Lascelles to head in the 6-yard box. But was hit badly and the ball floated over the crossbar, unfortunately.

Playing until the 39th minute, Newcastle missed another opportunity to take the lead. This time it was a free kick in front of the penalty area. Kieran Trippier carefully spun it over the wall but the ball flew. And hit the crossbar and bounced onto the floor, unfortunately.

In the second half, the Magpies continued to advance before getting a chance from Choelinton to shoot directly at Andre Onana. 

However, in the 56th minute. The home team took a 1-0 lead, this time thanks to Kieran Trippier’s high score.

The Red Devils were unable to do anything, the offensive line being unimaginative once again, giving them no chance to attack the home goalkeeper. But at the end of the game, there was a chance from Sergio Reguilon who shot towards the far post and was blocked, Fabian shared. 

In the 89th minute, the Red Devils sent the ball into the goal. Anthony shot and hit Harry Maguire, but didn’t get it because he was offside.

At the end of the game, Newcastle beat Manchester United 1-0. Increasing their score to 26 points, overtaking the Red Devils who had 24 points.