‘Modric’ insists the central king is tight, even though ‘Kase’ leaves the team

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Luka Modric believes Real Madrid have a tight-knit squad in midfield and no problem despite Casemiro’s departure from the club in the summer

, Casemiro has decided to leave Santiago. Ko Bernabeu joined Manchester United after many years working with Modric and Toni Kroos in midfield at Madrid and has swept a lot of success

. Drich also said that the options in the middle of the “White King” is fully equipped for the field this season, so the absence of Casemiro will not be a problem.

“We have started very well this year and have a strong team. As for the midfield, we lost an important player like Casemiro but there are many good players who can replace him and do well,” the Croat midfielder told the UFABET report

. Ameni has adapted very well, this is still the second year of Kamavinka and he has had a great first year,

“Valverde is doing really well in any position, Ceballos has helped the team a lot. This position is very tight.”

Madrid have been sweeping through every win so far. Including the 3-0 win over Celtic, the first match for the start of the Champions League defense,

Modric was in good form as well. Yet he couldn’t answer what was behind his success other than his passion for the sport.

“I am constantly asked what my secret is. But I don’t know how to answer that.”

“It’s just what happened. I live because of football and football almost 24 hours a day and I think that’s very important.”

“I love what I do and I fully enjoy my career. You never know how long you can play at this level, which is very demanding.”

“I’m just trying to enjoy training and playing. All of this keeps me in good shape as I get older.”