Modric insists that the king has no problems after the release of “Casemiro”

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Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric insists they have dealt with the situation. After the loss of midfielder Casemiro, who was signed by

Manchester United for a fee of 70. After much success at the Bernabeu, the

Brazilian midfielder is part of a trio of central midfield. That have led the Real Madrid to five Champions League trophies and three La Liga titles. However ,

Modric insisted that Madrid were able to cope with Casemiro’s departure without problems.

“This year we had a good start. And we have a strong team,” he said on the club’s website.

“In the midfield We lost an important player like Casemiro. But we still have a lot of good players to replace him and perform well.” the UFABET report

“(Aurelian) Chouameni adapted quickly, this is (Eduardo) Camavinka’s second year and he’s been great from the first year, (Tony) Kroos is there. It’s been a long time here, (Federico) Valverde has been doing well in every position, (Dani) Ceballos has helped the team a lot. So we are ready for this position.”

Madrid are currently 2nd in the La Liga table after collecting 12 points from four games and have a chance to return to the top of the crowd if they beat Real Mallorca tonight this