Emerson predicts “Man Utd, Chelsea” hugging the top four

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Ex-Arsenal star Paul Emerson has predicted that Chelsea and Manchester United will drop out of the top four this season.

The Premier League has played six matches, with both teams in disappointing form. And the team surprises with the best work.

In June, Emerson commented that Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea would be in the top three this season. With doubts that United may fall out of the top four

latest Emerson came out to comment again. By this time, he thinks that “Sing the Blues” may fall out of the top four. And still do not believe that the “Red Devils” will win the Champions League quota, despite winning the last four matches.

“it’s too early. But I think the top four of the Premier League this season will be Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal, in any order. he told UFABET.

Merson added: “Of course Chelsea still have some problems. But we have to wait and see the performance of (Graham) Potter at Stamford Bridge

. Because they still have a lot to do to improve the team. They have won four Premier League games in a row, including victories over Liverpool and Arsenal, but I still don’t believe they can do

it. will be there for the long term While I still believe Liverpool will be back in the coming weeks. to win the Champions League quota.”