Irregular menstruation, what does it tell us? This article has the answer.

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Irregular menstruation, what does it tell us? This article has the answer ทางเข้า ufabet

If you’re a woman with abnormal menstrual symptoms, you need to know that it may be the cause of various serious diseases. Today, let’s see what irregular menstruation tells us. This article has the answer. For all women.

Women like us, when we reach reproductive age our body It creates thicker tissue on the uterine wall. In order to prepare for pregnancy But if there is no fertilization endometrium It will peel off. and flows out of the vagina becomes blood, menstruation, generally a woman’s menstrual cycle It will be in the range of 28 + 7 days, or an average of about 3 – 8 days at a time, with the most coming in the first 2 days. The period may be dark red, brown, or may be black. Before menstruating, women may still experience symptoms such as headaches. Symptoms include bloating, irritability, and aches and pains in muscles and joints. Breasts become more enlarged, hungry easily, as well as abdominal pain during menstruation. Some of these symptoms may be the result of hormonal changes. Within the period of ovulation But some symptoms may be warning signs of serious diseases such as uterine tumors.

Irregular menstruation. What are the causes of this disease ?

Menstruation is the lining of the uterine cavity that sheds out every woman’s menstrual cycle. Normally, women who are in reproductive age There will be a menstrual cycle every 21 – 35 days and each cycle will last approximately 2 – 7 days. But if your period doesn’t come normally or if it has something abnormal, it may be a warning sign of something abnormal. of the reproductive system together

What is abnormal vaginal bleeding ?

Symptoms of abnormal vaginal bleeding can be divided into 2 groups:

1. Groups that should not have menstruation yet, such as children or teenagers and women who have not had their period yet.

2. Women in the menopause group In these two groups If there is vaginal bleeding, it is considered abnormal.

For women’s groups reproductive age Abnormal menstrual blood may found as follows.

– Menstrual blood is larger than normal in terms of quantity and duration of menstruation.

– Bleeding outside the menstrual cycle

What are the causes of abnormal vaginal bleeding ?

– Ovaries are not functioning properly.

-Use hormonal birth control or women’s hormones Can be replaced during menopause

– Complications during pregnancy may occur.

– Infectious diseases in the reproductive system There are many things that can happen, such as uterine tumors that we can often find. Including cervical cancer or endometrial cancer that is frequently found in women who have reached menopause.

abnormal bleeding In the vagina, you should see a doctor.

– Women who have not had their period (not yet or have finished) but still have vaginal bleeding, such as in children or menopausal women.

– Women of reproductive age Have normal menstruation But there was blood coming out. Outside of the menstrual cycle or bleeding after having sex

Diagnosis When there is abnormal bleeding in the vagina

The doctor will take your history and ask for information about your symptoms. To roughly find the cause, then in some women who have bleeding after having sex. The doctor may request an internal examination and may require one. Cervical cell examination Also known as a Pap smear, it is a screening test. Cervical cancer (recommended to be checked every 2-3 years in those who are not at risk) But if you are in a high-risk group, such as infected with HIV, your doctor will recommend testing every year.)

Treatment of abnormal bleeding Inside the vagina

If there are symptoms that occur That is caused by work. with ovarian abnormalities Doctors may also consider Let the patient take medicine In order to control the function of the ovaries But if there is a tumor in the uterus or have had cancer of the reproductive system May need to be treated with surgery. or the use of radiation to treat

which our women You should pay attention. In terms of food, eat all 5 food groups, don’t take any medicine unnecessarily, and exercise regularly. regularly Keep your mood bright and take care of yourself to be safe from various diseases.